Calc / STDEV in status bar

Dear All, I can enable min, max, count, mean and sum to show in status bar. The only thing I’m missing is STDEV. How could I possibly add this to the status bar so when I select cells, I would be able to quickly see the result there? This would be a real need for me. Any idea is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

AFAIK you cannot add your own preferred function here.

Perhaps you can read and understand this text (I could not)

Thanks for the answer.

What is demonstrated in the attached example may be a bit less what you original asked for, but also a tiny bit less complicated as what @JohnSUN hinted. ( I also didn’t understand it yet - and there will not be a second try.)

Strange: When I designed the example, the “strict version” actually rejected selections containing text or blank cells. Having downloaded the exmple for a test, the strict version now also accepts the non-numbers.
There are miracles once in a while.
Anyway, I will not rework the example. The other miracle may just sleep for a short time?
The remarks (REM) to the first Sub in the module are not reliably valid, however!
A few seconds later it was again as during development.
I did not dream, believe me!

Thank you.