[calc] suggest while writing

hi. I got a bunch of text-lines and want to set up a building blocks-System to write my texts.

Is there a way, that libre is suggesting text-Blocks while typing?

for example:

list of blocks:

testtext1, testtext2, testtext3, testtext4

and I would start to write like te…

and libre would suggest (or with TAB oder some combinations) I can rotate the suggestions… Is this possible ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Iterating through suggestions (taken fron the column above) is done using Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

is it possible to set the source for the suggestions in an other table leaf ?

Well - you could use Validity tool also, if you know which cells you need to have the suggestions to be in. It allows to define a range where to get validity list, and show it as a drop-down.

yea my table is build this way at the moment… but it’s very difficult to switch suggestions in the dropdown… Would be easier if i could press like Ctrl + Tab to switch between the different suggestions.