Calc: Sum only numbers entered manually (where ISFORMULA returns FALSE)?

Hi, I have a column of cells and each cell has a number. Some of the numbers are the result of a formula and some numbers were entered manually.

Is there a way to sum only those cells whose numbers were entered manually? I’ve tried different combinations of SUMIF, NOT, and ISFORMULA but I haven’t been able to get anything working.

I’m using LO v4.4.2.2.



There are 1000 numbers in A1:A1000.

Fill B1:B1000 with “=ISFORMULA()” pointing to the cell to the left.

=sumif(B1:B1000;FALSE;A1:A1000) should do the trick.

Hi - I am afraid that FORMULA and ISFORMULA do not support matrix form. So use an additional column (which can be hidden). See the attached exampl: IsFormulaSum.ods

This seems to be a bug. I filed a report here: