Calc TableBorder problem

Has anyone gotten TableBorder to work putting a border around a range of cells?
From what I read this should work but I don’t see a border when run.

aRange = ThisComponent.CurrentController.ActiveSheet.getCellRangeByName("B2:C3")

Sub setRangeBorder(oRange)	'	doesn't seem to be working for me, don't see why
	Dim oBorder, oTBorder

	oBorder = CreateUnoStruct("")
	oBorder.Color 					= RGB(150, 150, 150)
  	oBorder.OuterLineWidth 			= 35
  	oBorder.InnerLineWidth 			= 35
	oBorder.LineDistance 	 		= 3

	oTBorder = CreateUnoStruct("")
	oTBorder.IsLeftLineValid 		= True
	oTBorder.IsTopLineValid 		= True
	oTBorder.IsRightLineValid 		= True
	oTBorder.IsBottomLineValid 		= True
	oTBorder.LeftLine	 			= oBorder
	oTBorder.TopLine 				= oBorder
	oTBorder.RightLine	 			= oBorder
	oTBorder.BottomLine 			= oBorder

	oRange.TableBorder = oTBorder
End Sub

I’m hoping someone will show me the error of my ways or point me towards a working example.

To further complicate matters, Pitonyak’s OOME Listing 411 when I run it doesn’t give me the blue boxes only 2 red lines. Can there be something I’ve set to prevent it from running for me as it did for him?


This is a solution lacking an explanation.
LO Version:
In the above BorderLine definition, if InnerLineWidth and LineDistance are set to 0 or 
removed the border box is drawn.
If only the Color and either LineWidth is present the box is drawn.
I'm unable using BorderLine and TableBorder to draw a double line border.
Using BorderLine2 Pitonyak in OOME P467 draws a double line border, 
another sample is here:
A pretty good discussion can be found here:
Initially I started out just to put a border on a single cell as in 
With oCell
  .TopLine = oBorder
  .LeftLine = oBorder, etc. but it didn't seem to be working.
Defining oBorder with only a Color and one LineWidth, 
be it either Inner or Outer fixed the problem.

One note worth mentioning if you plan to use this, a range can consist of a single cell 
so only one sub is needed if you define it using BorderLine and TableBorder.

Should anyone find a way or example to make the double line border using LO's 
BorderLine and TableBorder, please post it here.
Likewise if you find a reason why it does not work as expected, I'd like to see that here.