Calc: Transpose Fails if Freeze Rows & Columns Set

Can anyone else reproduce this?

Libreoffice Calc v

Build ID: f82ddfca21ebc1e222a662a32b25c0c9d20169ee

OS: Linux 4.15 (Ubuntu 18.04.3)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open a new spreadsheet
  • Insert a new spreadsheet (you need a second sheet
    to make this fail)
  • On Sheet2, place a
    column of numbers at some random
    cell, say, B4:B8
  • On Sheet1, select a
    random cell, say, C12, and type
  • On Sheet2, select
    the previous column of numbers.
  • Press

Expected behavior: You should see the column of numbers from sheet2, transposed into a row of numbers on sheet1.

Now to cause the failure:

  • Optionally clear the previous test by undoing the transpose step or start over and get to the step where we enter the transpose() function.

  • Pick some random cell, say C12, and freeze rows/columns at that point. (View->Freeze Rows and Columns)

  • Select a cell in the same column, but not necessarily the same row as the freeze cell. Be sure to select at or below the horizontal split row. In our example, select C12 or below.

  • Type

    and select the column from the other sheet as before. Press Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

If you see the same problem I do, you should see

and the formula will have no parameters.

If others can reproduce it, I’ll happily submit a bug.

  1. The problem does not occur above the
    split line.
  2. The problem does not
    occur in cells to the right of the
    split line (i.e., column of split +
  3. The problem does not occur in
    cells to the left of the split line,
    even straddling the split line.
  4. You can split after you enter the
    =transpose() function and things behave normally.

Yepp - you need to click into the formula bar before being able to select the range of cells to be transposed. Would consider this a bug - but not of specific function TRANSPOSE but selection of a range (perform the same thing for SUM., etc… - you always need to click into the formula bar before you can select the range)


seems to be pretty long running bug #tdf47349, which never has been fixed (according to one of the latest comments in the bug report). May be you could leave a comment expressing that it is still an issue.


  1. Un-Freeze and Freeze –or–
  2. Click into the formula bar before selecting the range to be added as a functions argument

Note This problem seems to be not only related to ranges as formula arguments, but all formulas (even pure references)

Hope that helps.

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Thanks! Never would have thought to click on the formula bar. That works.

Someone already linked to this discussion on the bug and said that it’s still an issue.

Also, the bug is “new” :slight_smile: .

Someone already linked to this discussion

Someone was me.