Calc user defined formula description

Hi everyone,
I tested user-defined formula, like below

Function TrapezeArea( _
   dblTopLength As Double _
,  dblBottomLength As Double _
, dblHigh As Double _
) As Double
   TrapezeArea = (dblTopLength + dblBottmLength) * h / 2
End Function

In Calc sheet tested as formula

=TrapezeArea(A2; A3; A4)

Thats work fine. But …

I saved calc document, I reload document.
First, when I type formula, I haven’t intellisense, ex. type Trape and not see in the list hints.

Second, in function wizard window I not see my user-defined formula TrapezeArea.

Is it possible to register this user-defined formula that show in the list? And then add description, parameters descriptions etc. ? Ex, like SUM?

Best regards,

Your pure macro functions will not be appeared in the function list.

Only the Add-in type macro functions will be appeared in the function list.





Below link recomended by you

has been a good point to start with that.

LO Basic for creation functions (formulas) in Add-in cannot be used directly. Calc can access to formula that located in the Standard library only and when Add-in is installed modification in this Library are not allowed. Bypass this problem is copy/paste code manually into the “Standard” library by end user.
I’m suprised that LO Basic haven’t any simple wizard to create and manage Add-in so far.
UDF (User Defined Function/Formulas) presented by LO is not useful solution for me and endpoint users. With Excel you send a spreedsheet that contains UDF with description and they register that; with Calc it’s necessary to create an Add-in that is much more complicated at start.
In conclusion, there’s no “gold solution”.

Thank you for your help.