Calc: Using Paste Special > Options > Link, but the target cell doesn't change when source is updated

In D23 I type the number “2”. In E23 I also type the number “2”.

I copy D23 and Paste Special > Paste All + Options > Link.

The number “4” now appears in E23, and the cell reference says =2+($SpreadsheetName.$D$23).

Looks great.

I change the value in D23 to 3, hit Enter, hit Save, but E23 remains the same. It was supposed to update to “5”, right?

Is this a bug I should report?

LibreOffice on a Mac

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot one aspect of the Paste Special I did. Under Operations, I chose Add. And when doing this the first time, it adds correctly and pastes this value in the 2nd cell. But if I then go and change the value in the first cell, the second cell stays the same. That may not have been clear in what I originally wrote.

I can confirm this. It looks like a bug.

Thanks, I reported it