[Calc v4.2.4.2] How apply an operation to all selected cells?

I recieved a sheet with some numeric data.

I’d like to multiply all cells by given factor. By multiply I mean, I want to edit/change all selected cells values to initial value x multiply factor.

There are thousand cells in the sheet, so editing it manually would cost me many hours of work.

Example data:

Row | A    | B    | C   
1   | 100  | 5    | 20 
2   | 1.20 | 1    | 5.95

I’d like to select A1:C2 and multiply all values by x 1.2 (120% of initial value). Expected result would be:

Row | A    | B    | C   
1   | 120  | 6    | 24 
2   | 1.44 | 1.20 | 7.14

Is this possible? How?

Write your factor 1.2 somewhere and copy it into clipboard. Mark the whole target area, in the example A1:C2. Use Paste Specialfrom menu Edit. In part Selection check only Numbers and uncheck the others. In part Operations select Multiply. OK.

Literal values are multiplied directly. Literal text and literal boolean values are ignored. Formulas will be changed to =(<old expression>)*1.2. Formulas, which result in text, will cause an error, because text * number is not defined.