Calc validiy allow date strange behavior?

Hi to all

I’ve set validity date (data->validity->allow date) to a range of cells in Calc.

I’ve also set ‘data greater than 30/12/1899’.

Now there are no problems if I enter any dates like 31/03/2020; but if I enter a function like




I get an “invalid value” message.

It seems a strange behavior because both functions return a date.

Why? Am I wrong?

I’m using
Build ID: 1:6.4.2-0ubuntu0.18.04.3

Thanks in advance for replying

Data validation is meant for entered (static) data, not for (dynamic) calculation results. If you need to check your calculation results for validity, you must embed validity check in your formula, or use conditional formatting.

If you want to enter static data by a calculated formula, use F9 to do the calculation before pressing enter.

/me learns something new. Thanks for the F9 trick!

Also thanks! I didn’t know that. It even works for formulas previously (in advance of editing and using the F9-wand) entered explicitly for array-evaluation (and needing it).
F2 F9 Enter