Calc view formula unchecked, but how to change default style change formula:yes to change to formula:no? No option in Modify style to make change.

My initial goal was learning how I can show the results of calculations on three sheets on a forth for comparison, by linking cells on the fourth sheet with the cells containing the results on the other sheets. But I ran afoul of only the link formulas displaying instead of the values.
I Followed the answers to a number of similar questions, but discovered that apparently the Calc default paragraph style is not slaved to the Formulas: Yes or Formulas: No from the Calc view setting in options.
What I am referring to is the text under "Contains"on the organizer tab of the “Cell Style: Default” window [certain there is a better descriptor] which contains in the middle line, “Vertical alignment … Protection: No, Formulas: Yes, Hide: No …”
I take the “Formulas: Yes” to be equivalent to having the Calc View Formulas option checked. I have checked and unchecked the display formulas box a couple of times then checked the Contains: text and found “Formulas: Yes” each time.
I have been through all the tabs several time and have not found a check box for turning off Formulas: Yes.
Since in theory all the other styles inherit their settings from the “Default Style” may I assume that “Formulas: Yes” is inherited even if not listed on the Organizer Tab?

I am afraid that only someone who can read code will be able to confirm or deny my wild assumptions in this.
I am thinking that this might be affecting the others who are having problems linking cells on one sheet with cells on other sheets in the same document and consistently have the formulas showing instead of text or values,
I need to understand this better, especially if the answers I get have a consensus about it being a bug or not,

I look forward to any suggestions, further actions I should take,
I could due with a step by step tutorial with lots and lots of examples of how to do cell references so

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you seem to mix things a little bit. Modifying the cell style using Styles -> Manage Styles Right Click Default -> Modify -> Tab: Cell Protection -> Option: [x] Hide Formula is a setting related to Cell Protection and content being shown, if the following conditions are met (both):

  • sheet is protected (see Tools -> [x] Protect Sheet) –and
  • user has set View -> [x] Show Formula
    (nothing will be shown in the cell, since Formula is protected to be shown)

Thus this setting is to prevent a user to see the formula if you (as the developer of a sheet) don’t want the user to see how you performed some calculations. Since you see the formula (and not the result), this setting is not active at all and one/both of the conditions above is/are not met.

Most probably you have formatted the cells on your fourth sheet to Text before you added the formula into the cells and in that case you get text and no formula. To fix that:

  • Change the format of the cell to its Default Number -> General
  • Edit the formula (adding a space and removing the space is sufficient)

(and assure: View -> [ ]Show Formula is unset)


You are right, that cell style settings are inherited from their respective parent style, and this also applies to the [x] Hide Formula protection setting. But my answer should have made clear, that this setting doesn’t take part in your scenario and that there is no [x] Show Formula alike setting for unprotected sheets in any cell style definition.

Hope that helps.

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