Calc vlookup find and count duplicates in more than 2 columns

Hello everyone, I’m trying to figure out how to do a vlookup for duplicates in 3 (or more) unsorted columns, then extract the value of the duplicates and return the total count of how many of the value was found.
The only constraint I have is that all values within each individual column will be unique but, between the columns the values may have duplicates. The column that the duplicate exists in doesn’t matter for the requirement. I did do some basic searching within google as well as this forum but did not see a similar question.
Here’s what I found that got me where I am so far; LibreOffice Calc – Comparing and Aligning Two Lists Using VLOOKUP

Example Data

  • Column A - contains “apples”,
    “bananas”, “oranges”
  • Column B -
    contains “bananas”, “raspberries”,
  • Column C - contains
    “peaches”, “apples”, “raspberries”

Results Expected:
I would like to retrieve “apples” with a value of 3
then “bananas” with a value of 2
and "raspberries with a value of 2

What I have so far, is a basic vlookup between two columns that I can get the name of each duplicate. Any help with figuring this out would be much appreciated.

A15: =MATCH(A2;B$2:B$8;0) gets the row in the searched range where the duplicate is.

Hey, thanks for your response. I can’t quite understand how I can use this as of yet but, I’ll do some research how this can be beneficial to me. I appreciate your time and assistance.