Calc web page table pastes as single column

In Yahoo Finance I have a defined view with 3 columns: Symbol, Last Price, & Forward Annual Div Yield.
I enter a column of stock symbols, and yahoo populates the other 2 columns. I want to update a calc sheet of stocks, whose first 3 columns are Symbol, Price, & Yield. But when I copy and paste the yahoo 3 columns into my calc sheet’s first 3 columns, all the data gets pasted into just the first column, using 5 rows for each row from the yahoo view.

I am guessing there is some way using pivot tables or ? to fold that first column into five columns, so I end up with a row for each stock, with the 3 columns the Yahoo view shows.

But I sure can’t figure out how to do that. How can I do this?

Thank you, from Dave

There is no guaranteed method as far as I know due to the nature of html formatting. Sometimes I use cell splitting in Calc, sometimes I paste the text in a text file and use vim (text editor) to make columns with tabs or spaces.

You can try to use menu Sheet → Link to External Data… and paste the URL, hit Enter, and then select a table there.