Calc webquery won't import chart

Calc webquery won’t import a chart as a chart. It merely pastes it into a single column, no different than the copy & paste function. I’m trying to import all the soccer lines and scores each day from the following site and would like it to look just like the webpage.

I’d appreciate any help.
I’m using Calc version, WinXP sp3, English

Hi, you can embed the odds you need for the sport you need. Go to click on the embed code and it will give you the code you need to get the grid and from there you can chose the sport of choice

As you did not explain what exactly you did (step by step) it is not possible to pin-point the problem and provide a solution.

I recommend to follow the guide line given in the link and report what you did until the problem occured.

Thanks ROSt52,

Per the instructions on these pages:

I followed the steps exactly for “Inserting by Dialog” and tried every option within:

  1. Set the cell cursor at the cell where the new content will be inserted.
  2. Choose Insert - Link to External Data. This opens the External Data dialog.
  3. Enter the URL of the HTML document or the name of the spreadsheet. Press Enter when finished. Click the … button to open a file selection dialog.
  4. In the large list box of the dialog, select the named ranges or tables you want to insert.

…and I get most of the data pasted vertically down a column on my spreadsheet.

This might be a simpler approach:

How would you, an experienced Calc user, import charts from the following webpage to a Calc spreadsheet and have the data appear as it does on the webpage?

Thanks in advance

Thanks sbrcynthia, but how exactly do I use the “ embed code” to import a functional chart into my Calc spreadsheet?