Calc window size

I adjust the window size to best fit the calc file I have open. I would like to have the file open up with the same window as it was when the file was closed. When opened, the file will take on the window size of the last file closed.

So lets say I have files A, B, and C. I open them all and adjust their window size to three different sizes. The files are then closed in the order A, B, C. Later file A is opened. It will take on the window size of file C.

Is there a way to set a window size unique to each calc file?

What operating system do you use? If you are using a system with multiple GUI environments like GNU/Linux, what environment do you use?

The OS is Ubuntu 12.10 using the Unity desktop.

You can configure Compiz in Unity to set the window size based on window title that includes the document name.

See How to set a specific window size for all windows that open to default question on Ask Ubuntu site.

That was the solution I was looking for. Thank you.