Calc won't evaluate functions

I’m having a hard time getting Calc to evaluate functions and can’t tell if it’s a bug or if I’ve just missed some fundamental change in how functions are supposed to be evaluated.

If I open a new document and enter 2 in cell A1 and 3 in cell A2, then enter =SUM(A1,A2) in cell A3, when I press Enter, the formula is entered as text and is not evaluated. This even happens if I use a formula that doesn’t depend on cell values, such as =SUM(2,3).

This is happening with LibreOffice from the Fedora 31 repository.

Edit: If I go to Data > Calculate > Formula to Value, it will replace the formula with the calculated value, but the formula is gone. Autocalculate is checked and using Recalculate does nothing.

Go to Tools | Options | LibreOffice Calc | View and make sure Display Formulas is not selected.

If you are using a Mac that will be Preferences | LibreOffice rather than Tools | Options

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Thanks, that was it. I have no idea why that option would be selected by default since it seems like a less common use case to view the formula itself than to evaluate it, but I just needed to disable that setting in View.