Calc Workbook with Protected Sheets and unwarranted export

While editing a Workbook, with several spreadsheets created with Excel, the sheet currently being edited was unlocked. Even though the Autosave function had not been turned on, partway through the edit of a complex formula at the time, Calc wanted to “export” the workbook, but to do so insisted that all spreadsheets in the workbook have their passwords entered.

Screenshot 2022-04-24 194459

Initially pressing cancel several times got rid of the dialogue, but it returned within less than 30 seconds, and ended up in a position where no matter how many times cancel was tapped, the dialogue would not disappear.

• I have not idea why the “export” dialogue appeared (editing formula at time).
• Not sure why whole workbook must be unlocked to edit a single spreadsheet.

Please edit Excel documents with Excel and nothing but Excel, particularly when using highly advanced features.

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Thanks Mike for pointing out that it has been a “known” issue for quite a while, and no indication that it is going to be addressed anytime soon.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.
I have been trying out this office suite as an exercise in a future transition to a Linux platform. Pushing the envelope is a good indication of how procedures fare.
At the same time I saw how well Calc responded to Array Formulas, that was less than ideal too :slightly_smiling_face: but a solution was in the “help”.

See LO for the tool that it is, not as an Excel knock-off. (Don’t forget VisiCalc. Excel is a knock-off.)

No doubt Excel is “slicker” than LO in ways that really do improve workflow, especially the API. However, you probably don’t even think about the 100+ things you learned to do in Excel that don’t really make sense, but now they are muscle memory. So, don’t judge LO too harshly. A person has to develop that same kind of muscle memory before a fair comparison can be had.

I can say that when I go back to Excel for whatever reason I feel like I’m driving a Lincoln rather than a Focus. But that’s because I don’t even try to do the things LO is better at than Excel, like inherited cell styles. Meanwhile, “everyone” wants LO to do exactly what Excel does well. I think that was the source of Villeroy’s consternation on his initial comment.