CALC - 'wrap text' not working for a column

In a ‘CALC’ worksheet I have 2 columns and both have the attribute ‘WRAP TEXT’. The first column works fine but the second does not. I have even tried ‘cloning’ the format from the first column onto the second … all to no avail. The second column was actually created by copy/paste from an online site so I’m wondering whether there’s something in there preventing the wrapping.

Never use the simple Paste function for foreign contents. It brings strange formatting properties into the document. Use the Paste Special - Unformatted text function.

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

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Hi Zizi, thanks for your reply. Here’s a small extract of the file in question.
Cheers Peter
Libre_Office_CalcTest.xls (11.5 KB)

The cells in your sample’s second column are URLs. That’s why they don’t wrap. That itself could be considered a bug; and also how they became URLs us unknown (maybe you pasted an URL, and then just copied, pasted, and edited it without realizing that you keep the URL).

Select the column, and choose Format|Clear Direct Formatting, then re-format it to your liking.

tdf#40563 ??
Although that is against Impress.

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Thanks Mike because that’s exactly what the problem was. I did what you suggested and voila … fixed. BTW how did you determine the cell was a hyperlink? My word! I love this site!
Cheers Peter

There are at least two indicators. 1) The cell has a different format and 2) the mouse cursor changes when you hover over the cells. And of course clicking the cell opens the link in a browser.

Because I had cloned the format from the first column onto the second none of those indicators now show. However when I right-click the second column many hyperlink options are available but of course I never thought to look there but I’m sure glad its all good now. Thanks Peter