Calc Wrap Text on LO

Wrap text has many issues on this version;

  1. I cannot disable wrap text when all cells or several cells are selectedWrap.png
  2. The cell hights automatically resize (become bigger) even when the column widht accommodates all textSize 1.png(/upfiles/15541090044836867.png)

Please assist

In the Tab “Alignment” there by “Properties” and “Wrap text automatically” click on the orange Sign. I guess the current presentation symbolizes in my opinion "undecided, because there are cells with and without automatic line break.

Hi. Clicking on the sign only has two options. The “undecided” and wrap text. No option to completely remove wrap text. Note, even if I set wrap text for all cells, some do not change the setting and remain at “undecided” or disabled.

@gngui That could be a bug. At Bugzilla you can check if there is a bug or if you can create one yourself.

Thanks. I have created Bug 124467 - edited ebot → tdf#124467