Calc xy chart - want fine dots and other things

I’m using LO 5032. I have made an XP scatter chart with hundreds of data points.

  1. The points are shown as small blue cubes. This means that they overlap and I just get a large blob without any detail. How do I change them into fine black dots so that I can see some detail please?

  2. How do I get say 0.1 on the x axis to be displayed the same length as 0.1 on the y axis?

  3. I would like to show some information about the z axis. Can i use different symbols for the dots according to the the values on the z axis?

  4. Is there a simple way of specifying where on the spreadsheet will be drawn? When you do a correlation matrix you specify where you want it. Is there something like this for charts? It is very tedious and difficult to try to push or pull a chart around the spreadsheet - it has a life of its own.

  5. Is it possible to use short strings of text or numbers instead of data points?