Calc: Zoom on Hover?

I have massive table of calculated data I’ve colorcoded into a heatmap. I like to zoom out far to better see the gradients, but I’d still like to see the actual values. Is there some feature where I can hover over a cell and the value “pops out” like a mini magnifying glass? That way as I hover my mouse around the heatmap I can get a better idea of the actual values that correspond with the colors.

What about a tool for your system? E.g:
There may be security issues as with any software you install.
(I personally am not using such a tool. For the still rare cases I need magnifying I have a glass lens at hand.)

I appreciate the suggestion; however, the problem is that I am so far out that the values don’t even render on the screen. They’re either near-singular pixels or simply don’t show at all. So the feature I am describing needs to reveal values whether or not they are visible without the zoom-on-hover feature.

Well, I know that effect, too. However, I don’t know a way to achieve your goal without either
-1- controlling the zoom factor and accept the disadvantages
-2- massive programming