Calculating Finish Date & Time, excluding non-working time and holidays

I need to find the Finish Date & Time of a task if I am giving the following

  1. Activity Duration ( Hrs) and
  2. The Start Date & Time.

The Finish Date & Time should exclude Non working Days ( Sat &Sun) as well as Non - working time ( working time is 8:30 to 5:30)

Also need to find the Actual Duration (Hours) if I am giving the Actual Finish Date & Time.

The following is the format i am Planning:

Duration (Hours)(1) Start Date &Time (2) Expected Finish Date &Time (3)=1+2) Actual Finish Date & Time(4) Actual Duration (Hours)(5)=4-2)

Thanks in advance for all the help

Hi @saji,

I’m not sure what you’re trying to convey with your format here:

Duration (Hours)(1) Start Date &Time (2) Expected Finish Date &Time (3)=1+2) Actual Finish Date & Time(4) Actual Duration (Hours)(5)=4-2)

Could you please reformat that part? That will help us better-understand your question

@saji - I might be completely wrong but when I read your question, I get the feeling you want to use Calc as a scheduling SW.

Should I be right, I recommend you to look for a scheduling SW. There are FOSS SWs available.
May be the following link could help you:

Sorry for the confusion, I will try to clarify.

I need to know the productivity of some employees. Tasks are given to these people with budgted duration. They are expected to complete the task after the fixed time. If they are finishing it early than the expected time, their productivity will go up. If they are finishing the task later than the expected time, productivity will go down.

For Eg.

1.Budgeted Duration ( Hrs) Eg: 12

2.Start Date & Time Eg: 13/04/13 17:07

3.Expected Finish Date & Time: Start Date + Duration ( Formula)

(This formula should exclude holidays and non-working times)

4.Actual Finish Date & Time - (The Date & time the work is really finished) Eg: 16/04/13 10:30

5.Actual Duration = Actual Finish Date & Time - Start Date & Time (Formula)

(This formula should exlude holidays and non-working times)

6.Productivity = Budgeted Duration/Actual duration x 100