Calculation Help

I made a spreadsheet telling me that I worked for 4:00 if I clocked in at 12:00 PM and clocked out at 4:00 PM. My hourly rate is $11.25. 4:00 formatted into a number gives me 0.17 and therefore if I do a $11.25*4:00 I get a $1.88 when in fact I made $45.00. Is there a way to multiply hourly rate by hours worked without changing the time or currency formatted cells?

The 0.17 seems to be the fraction of a day that you worked (4/24 = 0.166667). So just multiply the 0.17 by 24 then by your hourly rate (0.1666 * 24 * 11.25). The displayed value of 0.17 is rounded off and I expect that when you use the value in the cell you will find it actually has more digits of accuracy than what is displayed.

Thank you.

Using time as a number for calculation can be complicated. I highly recommend reading all the documentation on time formats and time as a number, and then experiment to see what actually happens. It might slow you down at first but will pay off in the end by giving you increased confidence in the accuracy of your results.

Multiplying Time per Currency made directly does not work.
The correct way to make the hour value become a pure number, is done by multiplying this value by 24. Then the multiplication looks like this: ValueTime x 24 x ValueMode.