Okay so let me start by saying this, COMPLETE NOOB HERE TO DB STUFF.

I have what I consider to be a great form and DB for a NOOB.
I have two values in my DB and one fluctuates.
I would like a third value to be automatically calculated in another field from the first two.

I have tried many searches to find a solution but I think the main issue is that I don’t completely understand the lingo yet and I am so tunnel-visioned because up until now I have only worked spreadsheets. In a spreadsheet is simple for me to create a formula to produce a calculated cell value.

Any solution or direction would be most welcome.

Why have you tagged math? Math is the mathematical formula editor for Writer.

So sorry ajlittoz. I did now mean to offend.
As I stated, I am completely new to this. Everything I have learned about Libre, working/creating DB and forms has come from an almost sleepless weekend that started last Friday. I am still learning the language and how to say things so I am understood.
I will do my best to be more clear in the future.

No offence at all. Tags are monitored by some of us, according to their fields of competence. A wrong tag prevents you from getting quick fully relevant answers.

I removed this this for you.

Thank you so much.
I am grateful for the assist.

@ajlittoz- you mention that you are getting started with the lingo. That will be a BIG help to you, as a lot of everyday words are used in very specific ways in database work. Also, database work is different from basic wordprocessor or spreadsheet work. A bit like walking and swimming are different. Babies can walk… well, crawl, a bit, and get better with practice. Anyone can use a wordprocessor, in a “crawling” sort of way. But swimming isn’t like that. You have to be pretty good, from the start.

I have some pages for beginners, written originally for Open Office, but also suited to Libre office. My style isn’t what everyone wants… but some people say it has helped them… Table of Contents - LibreOffice / OpenOffice Database: Base Tutorials - fdb1main

Re- the question you asked here, there is a tutorial for that. It was written a long time ago, and may not work EXACTLY as shown anymore, but may help.

@MSPhobe: I think your comment is aimed at @Catfishy, the question author, rather than me :wink:

Sorry, @ajlittoz. You’re right… my earlier comment (system won’t allow me to edit it now) was indeed for @Catfishy… or anyone else getting started. Most of my “work” here is done on the premise that people do look sometimes for prior answers on topics! (^_^)

@MSPhobe thank you for the resource. I will go check your beginner’s pages. Every little bit helps.

Hi and welcome to base,

I would recommend to search the forum and google for tutorials. A popular video series on base is found here -
As to your specific question, calculations in base are done in queries which can be a forms datasource rather then a table.

Calcs in quieres use fieldnames and depending on what database base is connected to there are syntax rules to consider.
Have a look at the tutorials, read up on database design and the lingo will make more sense.
Do some searches for calculated fields etc and if you have further questions please quote your operating system and the LO version and database in use.
The default is the HSQL embedded database.

Okay, I will try that. I have been at this thing almost non-stop since last Friday. To be perfectly honest the learning aspect of this is almost addictive. I did discover The Frugal Computer Guy on YouTube and found his 97 lesson tutorial. I am on lesson 47 right now.

Thank you so much for your suggestion of using/learning Queries. TBH I am new and am proud of what I have learned so far. The idea of learning how to work queries is intimidating but I am up for the challenge.

As for my system, and correct me if I am wrong, is the following.
Libre Version
DB LMRT Import