Calcultated fields in query (how to output in currency format) ?

I’m having some problems creating a query in DesigView mode.
I’m trying to calculate a field with an Alias.

So I have a field in which I have MonthlyGrossWage, that field is numeric, has no decimals (for simplicity), only 5 digits, and its format is currency $

In my table, I have a the name of my employees, name, lastname, etc… and also this field MonthlyGrossWage… so I enter John… Doe… 1150$…

Okay that is fine.

I have my table with all my employees names, lastnames… and also the salary they get monthly at monthlygrosswage

How much cost me the employee per hour?

Assuming we have a labour day of 8 hours, I’d divide the monthlygrosswage by 8

So the calculation it’s quite simple.
“MonthlyGrossWage” / 8

in query designview I add also an alias, so I can output the result of the calculation in a field… let’s say my Alias is HourlyGrossWage

So… my query design view looks like this:

“MonthlyGrossWage” / 8


What happend now is I display the proper calculation in the field HourlyGrossWage…
but! I don’t see the result in dollars !!! and of course I’d like to see it in dollars… so I get the calculation but I cannot setup the format of the output field

How may I do this?