Calibri - how to use it in Libre Office?

I am a court interpreter and I have used in Windows Libre Office the font Calibri for the last 7 years. I would like to continue to use it, but can’t find him anywhere. Can you help me ?

Your operating system?

Does the font file still exist on your computer? I have Calibri installed as well and I can use it just fine in all LibreOffice applications.

Check C:\Windows\Fonts to make sure you still have it installed.

I assume now you changed your computer and the new one doesn’t have calibri installed. I would go back to my old PC and follow the path majhi indicated.

I had the same issue after copying the font over all works fine.

Maybe some help in this threads:

I am both using windows XP Home and Ubuntu 12.04. Even though there is nothing about the Calibri font in the Windows/Fonts file. What should I do to recover it ?

For WinXP: → Download Windows Vista Fonts from Microsoft Office Website