Can a figure from one page in the spreadsheet be transferred to anther page in the spread sheet? If so how is that done?

I want to transfer figures from one sheet to anotger sheet for calculations.

Create a new spreadsheet with 2 sheets. In Cell A1 on Sheet 1, enter a number, say 100.

In cell A1 on Sheet 2 type = then switch to Sheet 1 and click on cell A1, press Enter.

In the Formula bar you should see =$Sheet1.A1, this still is looking at cell A1 on Sheet 2. If you switch to sheet 2, in cell A1 you will see 100.

Switch to Sheet 1 and in cell A1 type 200, press Enter. Switch back to Sheet 2 and you will see 200 in cell A1 but the formula bar will still show =$Sheet1.A1

That is the most basic method. There are other functions such as VLOOKUP that can perform somewhat more complicated tasks.

If you aren’t the sort of person who gets a lot out of user guides then maybe a website like with some tutorials might be an easier way to get to grips with Calc. Cheers, Al