Can a MS Publisher document, edited in LO Draw, be saved back to the .pub format?

I received a document from a friend today which came through as a .pub I edited the document to send back, saved in “all formats” which appeared to be the only suitable option, and my friend coulnd’t open it. How do I save this document back to the microsoft format please?

Unfortunately “all formats” does not say that much.

You can save in odg, odt, and fodg fomat but you can export to many more formats.

To export into another format do

File > Export and choose the format you need.

File formats which can be imported into MS Visio are to be seen here:

Be aware that MS does not support the official ODF-standard, thus there might not be a 100% compatability.

Did you consider to talk with your friend about changing to LibO? It is free!

Draw can only import MS Publisher documents. It cannot export to / save as this file format. You friend can always download and install LO (free) or you can download and install MS Office (not free). Also refer the same question here.

That’s a pity. We were trying to design a document which can be sent out to people as part of a course, so it’s obviouslly unlikely to work in LO then when sent out to individuals :frowning: