How can I save an imported .pub file that can be opened in microsoft publisher

My client uses MS Publisher for his newsletter and I work on a MAC. I can download and work on it in “Draw” but he can’t download/open the file. I’ve experimented with DOCX after failing with DOC and was wondering if there was a “path/process” that I’m not able to find with my limited tech skill set. All the best, Mike (venicemike)

It is really unlikely that Draw will ever have an exporter for .pub files. Why don’t you both use Draw?

You might find some insight in a related question: Can I use Microsoft Publisher files with LibreOffice?

Thanks Mahfiaz-he’s dedicated to Publisher 2003-I am trying to introduce this new idea but he’s a republican and hates anything that sounds “Librul”…so if I can’t convert the DOC I can’t convert him-grazi