Can a table be mirrored in LO Writer?

I am translating a right-to-left text into English. All tables are right to left, positioning cells from right to left. For convenience I want to avoid creating another table in the destination document, so I want to copy the table from the source text and then cells starting on the right will have to start on the left, as the table read from right to left in Persian, for example, would have to be positioned and read from left to right. This is possible in Microsoft Word by selecting table properties and then choosing right to left for Table Direction, which also mirrors table cells. The following image shows a table which has been subsequently mirrored in MS Word.

(Images courtesy of JasonStack)


You can insert the table in a frame, select and edit the frame▸Options tab▸PropertiesText direction: select Right-to-left

See Mirror.odt


Thank you for the answer. Numbers in your sample table, however, are changed into unknown characters after changing frame direction to right-to-left.

Yes, I partially reproduce on my platform (windows 7/64): font numbers change to Mangal but still visible… Thank you for feedback.

@pierre as seen from this sample, your suggestion does not work for Persian text (all unicode texts?). Any workarounds?

@jasonlibreoffice Sorry, I have no workaround. I’m just a user trying to help…

As I said I do not reproduce with my french UI in which my post answers exactly to your expected result…

I much appreciate your help @pierre-yves-samyn.