Can an imported document include changes?

Hi everyone

I’m copy-editing a huge novel at the moment (700 pages), and my system is really starting to creak under the strain. I’ve managed to split it into four smaller documents at convenient points, with the intention of stitching it back together at the end.

This is where the fun starts. I’ve been using Change Tracker throughout (obviously), and I need the changes and marginal comments to stay intact when I pull everything together. I’ve tried copying and pasting one part at the end of the other, but it didn’t seem to work properly. Before I try it, will the Import Document option preserve the entire content - including my changes?

Otherwise, I’ll have to send it back to the publishers in chunks and hope they can do something with it. I’d much rather send it back in one piece, though.


Have you looked at the use of a Master Document? Chapter 13 deals with working with Master Documents. I have not tried it with the Change Tracker myself, however it allows you to divide the document into sections, for example Chapters, and work on them individually. You can them combine the parts into one master file when necessary. Just a thought.

Thanks, I’ll have a look before I start my next project. Even though I thought the changes had imported properly, it turned out that only some of them were displaying properly. It’s not much good if I edit a book, then send it back to the publishers, and they can’t distinguish my changes from the original text. I think I need to look at this in more detail.

Hi, I have the same exact situation. I created a master document but the changes are not imported and showed in the master document from the chapter file. How did you manage to solve the problem?