Can Calc set background colour of row and column heading?

Hi, just wondering if this is possible?

Using themes I can change the colour of the background in Calc using themes. Options → LibreOffice → Personalisation → LibreOffice Themes.


pink theme

However, this doesn’t change the background colour of the row and column heading:

pink theme2

I have noticed that two issues have been closed which seem to have asked the same question:



Just wondering why these were closed?

The one closed on Sep 16, '20 doesn’t say why it was closed?

The one closed on Jul 22, '20 says:

Fixed in tdf#127508 for v.6.4.

However, although a fix went in making the background colour solid it is still not customisable.

Am I correct is saying this isn’t possible currently?

Version: (x64) Windows 10.0 Build 19044

Extra info:

This would be similar to what I can achieve in Excel '97 through the Color Scheme option. The Color scheme option is found in Excel '97 in Options → Popular → Top options.

Currently in Excel '97 there are Blue, Silver, and Black options.

e.g. excel with blue option:

excel blue

silver option:

excel silver

The general idea is that LibreOffice should pick up the themes from the operating system so that the interface is consistent with other programs.

You can change the colour in Windows by clicking Start menu > Settings > Accessibility > Contrast Themes and selecting Desert but high contrast isn’t necessarily ideal. See how the Elementary icons have been changed to High Contrast by the change.
There might be other themes available from Windows, or even help on how to do it but you might need to search.

Thanks. Ok I’ll have a look.