Can Cell Style Be Made Permanent?

In Calc, I have the default font set to Arial 12pt. I have one spreadsheet that I want to use 14 pt Arial for all cells. I select all cells and select my 14pt. style and all is well. However, when I delete or cut the contents of the cell, the cell reverts to the 12 pt default cell style. Is it possible to make the 14 pt style permanent for this one spreadsheet. I don’t want to change the default to 14 pt, since I prefer 12 pt for most spreadsheets. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Learn about styles (you seem to misuse the very word style in the context of LibreOffice).

Open that file. In the Styles panel (F11), right click the Default Cell style and Modify. In the Font tab, change the size to 14, et voilà.

It will apply to the current file only.

Thank you, that solves my issue.I always assumed that the Default style applied to all spreadsheets.

No, there is no such concept like the file in MS Word.

If you want the change to be wider, it has to be made on the default template for Calc files.

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