Can cell value be disabled?

Can cell values be temporarily disabled? I would think this to be helpful when trying to find data errors on a spreadsheet.

I would think a right click on a cell with a drop down menu to disable/enable a cell value would work. When disabled, the value would be removed from any and all related cells using that data.

If possible, disabling multiple cells would be helpful.


that is not possible - your only choice is to make the content of a cell dependent on settings of other cells. So you may use something like:

IF(Settings.A1="Disable";"";<anything_what_you_normaly_want_to_have _in_your_cell>)

(assuming you have a sheet called Settings)

But this approach requires a lot of effort in designing your sheets.

hello @wihiker,

kiss solution: once your computer runs reliably and! you made a backup copy of the file, just stretch the ‘undo function’, normally it’s 100 steps backwards? just delete or change cell content as you like, undo will bring it back,

i know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but working ‘out of the box’, and quite handy,

only shortcoming i see: you have a fixed sequence to roll back and forward,

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