Can 'Change Case' include a Headline Case option?

As of LO Writer there are five options for Change Case in the Format menu.

One option is “Capitalize Every Word.” I would like an additional option, sometimes called “title case” or “headline case,” typically used in publications and online, where each word is capitalized except for minor words like “a,” “of,” “the,” etc.

If this is not currently possible, how would I find out whether such an enhancement is under consideration and, if not, how I could suggest it.


I sincerely doubt this would be an implementable option. It sounds similar the APA Publication Manual requirement to capitalise “every major word” (in certain heading levels) which is a non-proscriptive. What exactly does this mean? Where is a definitive list of words / terms that are not to be capitalised? I’ve yet to see one, and until this is made explict it will likely remain unimplementable.