Can "Conditional Formatting" be made to work in xlsx format?

I am creating a spreadsheet that, because of the “interface” to other software, must operate in xlsx format. It appears that none of the “Styles and Formatting” that I create for my “Conditional Formats” are accessible when saved in xlsx format. Am I missing something?

Irrational minds want to know…

LO version ? Version of Excel or whatever the other program is ?

I have Excel 2016 x64 on same Win7 as LO x64, XLSX made in either software worked fine on both.

I am running LO B5.1.6.2 and when I Save As xlsx format, my “defined condition” disappears. I do not have Excel and have no clue what version of that would be used. I prefer Libre Office in all things – but I have to live in the MS Office universe…

B as in Beta ?? Wtf are you doing with such an ancient version ?

I made the following test with LO on Windows 10 x64:

  1. Created a new spreadsheet.
  2. Selected A1:C3 → Format → Conditional Formatting → Condition…
  3. Cell value is equal to 0 → Apply Style → New Style…
  4. Organizer → Name - blue; Font Effects → Color → blue
  5. Save as XLSX
  6. Open with MS Excel (I used 2016) → enter 0 or 1 to A1 or any other in the range

The test shows that conditional formatting applies OK. The color changes depending on entered value.
The same is with newer versions, including current master.
So, either you have some problem with your installation, or there’s some specific details you need to provide.