Can Excel actually "sort" (filter?) based on colors shown due to CONDITIONAL formatting?

There was a comment to that effect posted under a different question. I can’t check, but would like to be sure.

(See: Hi! Is there a feature "Sort or filter by cell background color" in Libreoffice Calc? If not, is there a hack to filter cell by background color? Thanks. Edited)

See Samuel Mehrbrodt from CIB implementing tdf#76258.

Ah, sorry - you asked about Excel. Keeping my comment nevertheless, maybe it’s interesting.

Thanks for the valuable hint.
One thing in addition: Based on old experiences and some experimental research I felt sure, attributes ruled by CF conditions weren’t assigned to the cells (neither the cell style nor any specific attribute), but overlaid to the cell’s area only for the view.
I thought this was essential for the high efficiency of CF even if “heavy-load” formulas were used for the conditions.
If filtering based on conditionally applied attributes should be possible, the CF must be evaluated for complete columns
Is this actually always done?
How can user code ask for a conditionally applied color (or different attribute)?
Hows is regular CF separated from the younger CF toys (“all cell” modes)?
Will LibO go the way from software to feature-bag?

See my comments (#45, #46) in tdf#76258.