Can hsqdbl be used as the backend. what are its limitation as compared to mysql

i am using libreoffice base and want to create a multiuser database. since i am a novice in this field kindly advice me which is better off the two My sql or hsqdbl for well functioning backend database. can i create a server database using hsqdbl and be made available for other users over network to work on the data on server


Choice of which database to use is a matter of what and how the database is to be used. You have listed only two open source choices and there are certainly more such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Firebird server and even others.

This forum is about LibreOffice (Base in this case) and not specifically about databases, their functionality, and certainly not which is better of worse for someone’s use. You need to research these on other sites for more information.

Here are some basic links which may be of help:

The Top 7 Free and Open Source Database Software Solutions

5 tips for choosing the right open source database

A quick search of the internet will produce many more informative articles.

And yes, you can run HSQLDB in server mode and then use Base to connect to it.