Can I add a sub-form of products to an order form?

I have a table “ProductsTable” which is a collection of things I sell, and a table “OrdersTable” which is a record of orders people have made.

I want to be able to fill a form to add a new order, and have a sub-form where I can add entries from “ProductsTable” like “Banana”, “Apple”, “Kiwi”, into each record.
Is this possible?


Yes, you can generate orders for customers using a sub form. To what extent is really the next step. You should look through the LO Base documentation found here → LibreOffice Base Handbook. You will also find sample databases and further down the page a tutorial on creating relational databases.

Also, on this post (Libre Data - multi-level report), is a sample with multiple sub forms and a report to generate invoices. This may not be exactly as you want but gives you an idea of some of the capabilities.