Can I align a currency field such that the currency symbol is to the far left of the cell and the number is to the right aligned on the decimal point?

I want to align a column of cells so that they appears as follows:

    $     9.00
    $    10.00
    $   105.35
    $     3.33

Rather than the default of:


For the English-US and some other locales there is already such a predefined number format, in the number formatter dialog pick the (most times last in list) currency format

[$$-409]* #,##0.00;-[$$-409]* #,##0.00

Important is the * (asterisk, space) part. For other locales use the default currency format and modify it by inserting * (asterisk, space) between […] symbol designator (the actual symbol, and 409 ID of course vary between locales) and number characters.