Can I attach doc, xls files to my pdf file?

Can one attach other file types, such as doc, xls, to a pdf file using LO? If so, can someone point to the documentation describing the process? Thanks.

With LibreOffice you can create a hybrid PDF/ODF; a PDF with the source ODF file attached.

If your source document is a .doc file, for example, and you create one hybrid PDF/ODF, LibreOffice will open and edit the source file as an ODF through the PDF Import feature, but you will not be able to extract the source as .doc.

That is, even if the source file was a .doc (or .xls, etc.), the source will be saved as ODF and editable in LibreOffice.

To attach Microsoft Office documents (and other types), you would have to use tools from Adobe’s Acrobat – see this blog entry, or other tools, such as PDFill.

Ok. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

Ok. Thanks for clarifying that for me.