Can I back up the LO installer?

I have just spent the better part of a week attempting to download LO 4.1.6 with my slow dialup ISP. It was a 20-hour download with many interruptions and start-overs … but I was finally successful. It installed flawlessly … and works like a dream. However, I’d sure like a backup on hand so I don’t ever have to go through that again.

Can I copy the downloaded LO installer file to a DVD to use as a backup? In other words, if I were to have a hard disk calamity that required a new or reformated HD, would the original file install a second time? If so, do I need to be online to install LO from the DVD?

Thank you, LibreOffice!!! My grateful donation is on the way.

20 hrs for a download. This is commitment!!! Congratulations!!! Enjoy LibO and feel free to ask questions here.

For Win a clear “yes”. I also backup my .msi (might need arise to downgrade, e.g.) and there was never a problem. I also cannot think of any problem that might occur on another system.

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