can i change/increase the number colours used for lines in charts

I am trying to chart 7 rows of figures but when i do the LINE graph it only uses 4 colours. The blue colour is used for 4 of the rows.
Can I get the charting to use a different colour for each row of figures.

Many thanks

The blue colour is used for 4 of the rows

Do you mean: “The blue color is used for 4 of the lines in the chart”? Your description sounds like 4 data samples fall into the same category (line charts use categories on the X axis), but without a sample file its hard to see why you get 4 colors for data supposed to belong to different data samples (and there are more than 4 colors available for different data series; hence your problem doesn’t seem to be related to what you actually are asking).

@not1984, Press edit below your question and use the paper clip to upload a sample file.

I do not understand why but NOW when I do a chart it uses a different colour for each line being graphed.

Thank you for commenting I will come back if the problem reoccurs.

The question is not well expressed, although the title is clear. In general, to change the colour of a line in a chart, left-click on the line to select it, then right-click on the line to get an options menu. Choose Format Data Series. A dialog box will appear with a number of options, one of which is Color. Click the little down-arrow and you may choose any of the offered colours or shades of colours (if I recall correctly, there are 120). Exploration of the other options is also encouraged.