Can I change Labels' page orientation?

When I make a New Labels document (choosing Avery 5168, incidentally) the Page Orientation is Portrait.

I would like to use these labels in Landscape orientation. However, using the Page setting under the Format menu, the paper itself rotates but the labels on the page do not―instead they remain taller than wide, going off the paper.

Is there any way to rotate the label template along with the page?
Attempting to use all vertical text is difficult and deeply unsatisfactory.

One way would be to create a new label and save it.

  • Click File > New > Label, in the
    Labels tab select Avery Letter Size and 5168 Shipping.
  • Select the tab Format and take a
    screenshot of it for reference.
  • In the Format tab, swap the Width and
    the Height dimensions for every
    field, including page.
  • Click the Save button and in the
    dialog box, in Brand select Avery
    Letter Size
    and in the field
    Type, make a useful name like 5168 Landscape

Create a new document now, or later on just select 5168 Landscape

Alternatively, you could create a landscape page with the same margins as the label and insert a table to match the sizes. Save as a template. Cheers, Alistair