Can I change - note delete - the superscript 'th' when entering a date?

When I type 6th it automatically changes this to 6Th with the Th in superscript. I have always liked the superscript but really dislike the capital T. It used to display ‘th’. Its a detail, I know, but it looks all wrong. Any way to change this?

It has stopped doing this now of its own accord! I cannot make it repeat it so I do not know what caused it. Thanks anyway!

Bug 78148 - FORMATTING: Inappropriate auto-capitalisation of letters in superscript of “1st” and “2nd” etc when at the start of a sentence

Status: NEW.

“This only seems to happen if it is the start of at least the second sentence in a paragraph: if it is the first word of a paragraph it doesn’t auto-capitalise.”

A “workaround”:

Menu Tools → AutoCorrect Options… → Options tab

☐ ☐ Capitalize first letter of every sentence (disabled).