Can I change the default styling of hyperlinks in LibreOffice Writer?

By default, LibreOffice writer formats links with a blue color and underline. I want to change this to be italics and red with no decorations. But I don’t want to manually update every single link in my documents. Can I change a setting or define a style that will change this behavior?

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Modify the Internet Link character style by going to the Styles deck in the Sidebar and selecting the Character Styles icon. Right click Internet Link and choose Modify from the context menu that appears. Make the changes you desire. This will change the appearance of internet links in this document. To use this style in other documents, you would either need to import the style or create a custom template.

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And if you want this behavior for all new documents by default, set up/modify the default template.

And if you use Ctrl+click to navigate with these links, modify also Visited Internet Link to change the default appearance.