Can I change the font in DRAW in multiple objects at once?

I make a lot of boxes and label them by pressing with the object selected. Then I need to resize or something and the font doesn’t change size. I want to change the font and or size of the text in multiple objects all at once. How do I do this? I’ve looked and looked for solutions but they do not apply. I don’t want to have to select an object, select all the text and go through two drop-down menus for every single object. It cannot be necessary to do this. I’m not interested in Calc or writer or impress or anything but DRAW and on a MAC using LO version

You can use drawing styles for your shapes in Draw where you can define many parameters like font, font size, area fill, etc

Look at page 31 in that guide

I forgot to mention this obvious and recommended formatting method. +1

The question has to do with objects already created, though. What I want is to be able to change multiple objects AFTER they have something in them already.

Any object can be styled at any moment, even after its creation. With specific styles, all objects formatted with the changed style are instantly modified.

ikratins, just create the drawing style with options as you want, then select all needed objects with mouse or with Shift+click and the double click on your own style for assigning the style to the objects. It’s really very conveniently. If you’ll want change something for all these objects then you’ll can change it just in the style and all objects will look in a new way at once without new selection process

What you need is multiple object selection:

  • select the first object with a click
  • add other objects to the selection with Shift+click

There a quicker alternative for a rectangular selection: press the mouse button to the top left location of the selection rectangle, with the mouse button still pressed move to the bottom right location, release the mouse button. All objects fully contained in the rectangle are included in the selection; those partly in the rectangle are not.

If you want to exclude some objects, Shift-click on them. For addition, see above.

Once the set of objects to operate on is defined, Format>Character or right-click and Character.

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Finally! Thanks so much. That’s what I needed.