Can i change the outline level of an existing heading?

In a doc downloaded - converted i guess from google docs (gdoc → odt i guess) i have a heading with style ‘heading 1’ but in the status area i see ‘outline numbering = 10’

Using ‘Tools–>Outline numbering’ i saw that 1-6 ouline levels werent connected to a heading style. I fix this and fow new headings it works. A heading with style ‘heading 2’ will get an outline number. But how can i correct the old headings?


I send the question also to the user support emailing list:

A possible source. If you display the Paragraph Style, for example Heading 1, you will find an option on the ORGANISER tab for AUTOUPDATE. This should update all the Heading 1 paragraphs in that document. Be careful when using it as any manual change with any one Paragraphs will be reflected in all occurrences. Hope this helps Peter

it didnt work.