Can I change the page order in writer?

I have a document (.odt) with independent pages. I want to reorder the pages and put page 2 before page 1. How can I do this in writer?

If you’re ready to pay the pain for a complex management scheme, you can achieve what you’re looking for.

From your question, your document is “page-based”. Go to the logical consequence of your choice and store your “pages” as independent documents. To guarantee a common look-and-feel, I’d recommend to design them from a common template.

Then, you create your “synthesis” document (the one meant for printing) as a master document which references all your “page” documents. Read the LO User’s guide if you aren’t familiar with the concept.

In the master document, the included “pages” can be reordered from the Navigator panel (F5) with “up” and “down” buttons after selecting the “page” you want to move. In essence, it is equivalent to @RGB-es copy-and-paste solution without the risk of incorrectly selecting page content or overwriting other text.

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I second this, and I suppose that there’s not much “pain” here, given that the pages are independent already

It is not possible, sorry: Writer is based on content flow, not page layout. The only way to “reorder pages” is to cut and paste content.

I absolutely agree with this answer, except for… “It is not possible” part :slight_smile: Actually, your answer tells how is that possible: to reorder pages, please move the pages’ content to desirable place.