can I control position of image in Writer?

Image is inserted but I want the text to fit around the image. This is very simple in MS Word, can’t figure it out yet in Libre.

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this isn’t diffult in LibreOffice as well :wink: Just right click on the image and select Properties (right at the bottom of the context menu). Within the dialog select Tab: Wrap and make your choices about how text should wrap around the image (Settings) and how you want the distance from text to the image (Spacing).

If you want to change Size and Position change to tab Type and set your desired values.

Hope that helps.

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Yes of course, LibreOffice is also very easy.

Click on the image on the right. Put the anchor on the text paragraph and the wrap on “Page Wrap”.

image description

You can now move the image within the paragraph as you wish with the arrow-keys.

image description