Can I control vertical text alignment in figures (Writer)?


Using drawing tools, I create different types of figures with text inside them. I want to change vertical alignment of text in some of the figures.

If I add text to a figure by clicking Context menu / “Add Text Box”, then the text inside the text box is always vertically aligned to the center. I cannot change vertical alignment of the text, because commands “Format” / “Align” / [“Top”, “Center”, “Bottom”] are not available.

If I click “Insert Text Box” in the drawing toolbar, a frame can be added, where I can control text alignment. However, I cannot group a frame with a figure into one object. Handling text frames and figures separately when editing large schemes is not an option.

Version: (x64)

Personally, I always make my figures and schemas separately in Draw where you have more flexible tools, notably the group, alignment ones and the superb connectors. When I’m satisfied, I copy the part I am interested with (several figures may reside in the same file) and I paste it into Writer.

Have you tested this workflow?

Thank you very much ajlittoz for your reply. This workflow works for me. I thought that controlling vertical alignment could be done also in Writer since I’m new to Libreoffice.

You can try a simple trick. First, draw an analog of the figure you need, but rotated 90 degrees. For example, you need an up arrow, but you draw an arrow to the right. Now paste the text and rotate the figure to the left along with the text.


Thank you for reply. I tried the trick with rotation. It does not rotate text in the case of rounded rectangle (which is good because I do not need text rotation). It does not change vertical alignment either. I will use the idea proposed by @ajlittoz.

Oh, sorry! I misunderstood your question. “Vertical alignment - up or down.” I gave you the wrong answer, I had to write “How about a few Enter before the text to shift down or after the text to shift up - barbaric, but effective” :slight_smile:

In fact, @ajlittoz is absolutely right - this is the method recommended for working in graphics in this office suite.

Thanks again, I understood. Controlling layout with spaces or line breaks is not for me, since I want everything stay in place after changing text, font or frame size.